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The professional staff at NAAPS© has been in the mortgage field services industry since 1999, growing this fine company from the ground up.

We believe that there is no substitute for experience and knowledge gained from having hands on experience. NAAPS© inspects and maintains defaulted and foreclosed properties for a wide range of clients in the mortgage industry, from local loan servicing companies to national publicly traded mortgage servicing corporations.

The company has grown from a regional preservation company with a few employees and a handful of contractors performing services, to a national company providing services in 50 states.

NAAPS© is supported by a nationwide network of inspectors and subcontractors trained and qualified to perform all requested information gathering, preservation and maintenance functions nearly anywhere in the United States.
NAAPS© strives for implementing technology solutions to deliver services efficiently and effectively. Our clients have the ability to log in to our website 24/7 to ensure that they have timely and relevant information at all times to make effective decisions.

To show our appreciation to the growing number of clients who have chosen to work with us, we at NAAPS© believe in giving something back. That is why we offer to all of our clients, the opportunity to give to the charity of their choice every year by simply obtaining our services.

How does it work? NAAPS© will donate 1% of what we earn by the client to any legal charity of the client’s choice on a year-by-year basis simply by signing the donation rules agreement.


"It’s just that simple and it’s just our way of saying thank you for choosing NAAPS© to protect your assets."

- Jason L. Vice President